"It doesn't get easier YOU get BETTER"

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My personal training sessions consists of  Pilates/Cardio/HIIT workouts.   I use different Pilates moves to engage your core, cardio to increase heart rate, and HIIT for high intensity interval training during the workout.  All moves are done in place, and by combining these items  you get a complete body workout.

This is a one-hour session consisting of a three-minute warm up, fifty-minute workout and a five-minute cool down.  I use weights with some of the workouts for the intermediate level.  I also use the Tabata routine, which consists of the warm-up, forty-second workout and 20-second rest/active rest.

Your first session is $10 to try it out!  After that, the cost is$25/session which can be paid at the end of class.  You also have the option to purchase classes ahead of time - cash or check. Depending on how many classes a week, and if you paid ahead class session amount is decreased.

My most recent video!  I love what I do!