I appreciate and need the low-impact classes.  They were challenging no matter the individuals level.  You always showed the modified for the lower levels and gave those that needed it a more challenging version.  Your constant encouragement through the class was inspiring, not pushy or degrading.  You are a terrific instructor-easy to talk to and share concerns with.

We can work on time for your session!  All you need is water, and tennis shoes..  I provide the mat, and any equipment needed.  Sessions are held at my  house in my studio or I can come to your location.

Kathy Fahrenkrug

13921 Lexington Cir S Granger IN 46530


conditionthecore on facebook


She has helped me step up my workouts.  Which has made a huge difference in achieving my goals!

I love your workouts Kathy!  They are tough, but inspiring!

I soooo enjoy your workouts! The variety of exercises and the 4 rep workouts are tough, but awesome.  It has been great to have you push me to do more than I would do on my own and really see progress in my stamina and strength. So thankful for you, you're so appreciated!

She makes me believe in me and my ability to take better care of myself.  Working out with  her is the only exercise program that I actually enjoyed/look forward to!! Nancy